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Reflect Your Image

Due to our extensive industry experience, we’ve built solid relationships with the finest international glass, hardware, print and technology suppliers on the planet. We’ve tried the rest and partnered with the best. We guarantee a polished finish, functional longevity and competitive pricing available through a foundation of supplier loyalty.

What does this mean for you? 

Style. Quality. Reliability. Affordability.  

All our glass products are produced on site locally using the latest technologies as mastered by glaziers at the pinnacle of glass crafting know-how. Through our extensive product range and superior resources, we’re able to make anything you can dream of at a great price through tried and tested in-house efficiencies. Contemporary products paired with cutting-edge tech creates endless custom glass possibilities. 

There’s no need to look elsewhere with In Glass Design.  

Glass & Mirror Splashbacks

When designing your custom mirror or glass splashback, the options are endless as our team can print any hi-resolution digital image, pattern or texture directly onto glass, creating an amazing end result.

Swirl-Printed-Glass-Splashback 1
Ocean-Clouds-Splashback 2
Aqua Kitchen Splashback 3

Shower Screens

We have been specialising in frameless shower screens and glass bathroom features for over 12 years. No matter what style or design you’re after, our team can design, manufacture and install it for you.

Fethers OPTO Trio 1
IMG 9391 2
IMG 6427 3

Glass Sliding Doors

Our sliding doors and room dividers are fully customisable and can be designed and manufactured using a variety of inserts including translucent and coloured glass and even digital art. Our team can turn your creative ideas into reality for any room or office space. 

Fethers OPTO Inline2 1
2 2
Tinted Sliding Glass Doors 3

Printed Glass

By investing in the latest technology, we are able to create the most premium designs for feature glass pieces and splashbacks. Between our seamless technology and extensive experience, there are no limits to what we can provide for you.

IMG 8119 ps 1
P1030418PS 2
IMG 5337 3

Etched & Frosted Glass Designs

Our etched designs can be done on any glass surface to create a feeling of style, depth and privacy without comprising light to your space. Our latest technology and wealth of experience means we can build any design you’re looking to achieve.

IMG 6418PS 1
Etch 6 2
Etch 1a 3

Marble & Granite Splashbacks

Marble & Granite Look Splashbacks are a very popular splashback choice giving your space a luxurious & elegant finish. The high-quality manufacturing and the innovation that goes into creating each and every piece ensures that you get the best marble and granite look, without the high cost and high maintenance...

Marble-Granite-Stone-Splashback 1
17042013 2
IMG 0121 3