Why Us

With over 20 years of industry experience, our team has a strong understanding of all steps within the design, manufacturing and installation process. We use the latest technology so that we can create glass products you are proud to have in your home.

We are committed to delivering exceptional service and outstanding quality in your glass design products. By having a diverse and experienced team, we are able to complete every step of the project from design to manufacturing and installation. This allows us to be more time and cost efficient and bring affordable glass features to your home.

What We Offer

  • Over 20 years of expertise, experience and knowledge in design, manufacturing and installing glass features. 


  • We offer complimentary design advice as a part of your glass feature design consultation. Our design consultants will help you decide on the best colour, design and lighting to suit the layout and style of your room.


  • We manufacture and install your glass using a unique process that we have developed after many years in the industry. This process produces glass to the highest quality standards.


  • Our exceptional service and outstanding quality set us well above the industry standards. Our ability to complete projects entirely in-house means you can receive the highest standard products and service at an affordable price.




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