Design your dream kitchen, right here, by flicking through the options and choosing the perfect splashback. Be inspired and see what your ideas will actually look like in your kitchen. Our in-house design and manufacturing team can print any hi-resolution digital image, pattern or texture onto glass so your options are endless.

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Select either Dark Kitchen or Light Kitchen, based on your home's style.

Step Two

Scroll down to view the available background design collections. Select one that you like and then you can see it applied to your selected kitchen. You can then scroll through the full collection. 

Step Three

Download your favourite kitchen designs, contact us using the BUTTON on the bottom of the page and one of our in-house designers will be in touch to give you a call and price for your custom splashback. 

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INGLASS Kitchen white7

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Foregrounds: Dark Kitchen  Light Kitchen 



patterns 12patterns 1patterns 4patterns 5patterns 6patterns 7patterns 8patterns 9patterns 10patterns 11patterns 13patterns 14patterns 15patterns 16patterns 17patterns 18patterns 19patterns 20


Abstract 1Abstract 2Abstract 3Abstract 4Abstract 5Abstract 6Abstract 7Abstract 8Abstract 9Abstract 10Abstract 11Abstract 13Abstract 14Abstract 15Abstract 16Abstract 17

Bricks & Tiles

Brick tile 1Brick tile 2Brick tile 3Brick tile 4Brick tile 5Brick tile 6Brick tile 7Brick tile 8Brick tile 10Brick tile 11Brick tile 12Brick tile 13Brick tile 14Brick tile 15Brick tile 16Brick tile 17Brick tile 18Brick tile 19


City 1City 2City 3City 4City 5City 6City 7City 8City 9City 10City 11City 12City 13City 14City 15City 16


Culinery 16Culinery 17Culinery 3Culinery 4Culinery 5Culinery 6Culinery 25Culinery 8Culinery 18Culinery 26Culinery 20Culinery 21Culinery 22Culinery 24Culinery 23


flora 1flora 2flora 3flora 4flora 5flora 6flora 7flora 8flora 10flora 11flora 12flora 13flora 14flora 15

Fluid Art

FluidArt 1FluidArt 2FluidArt 3FluidArt 4FluidArt 5FluidArt 6FluidArt 7FluidArt 8FluidArt 9FluidArt 10FluidArt 11FluidArt 12FluidArt 13FluidArt 14FluidArt 15FluidArt 16FluidArt 17FluidArt 18


Industrial 1Industrial 2Industrial 3Industrial 4Industrial 5Industrial 6Industrial 7Industrial 8Industrial 9Industrial 10Industrial 11Industrial 12Industrial 13Industrial 14Industrial 15Industrial 16Industrial 17Industrial 18Industrial 19Industrial 20


Landscape 2Landscape 3Landscape 4Landscape 5Landscape 6Landscape 7Landscape 8Landscape 9Landscape 10Landscape 11Landscape 12Landscape 13Landscape 14Landscape 15Landscape 16Landscape 17Landscape 18Landscape 19

Beach & Water

Ocean 1Ocean 2Ocean 3Ocean 4Ocean 5Ocean 6Ocean 7Ocean 9Ocean 10Ocean 11Ocean 12Ocean 13Ocean 14Ocean 15Ocean 16Ocean 18Ocean 19Ocean 20


Organic 1Organic 2Organic 3Organic 4Organic 5Organic 6Organic 7Organic 8Organic 9Organic 10Organic 11Organic 12Organic 13Organic 14Organic 15Organic 16


Stone 1Stone 2Stone 3Stone 4Stone 5Stone 6Stone 7Stone 8Stone 9Stone 10Stone 11Stone 12Stone 13Stone 15Stone 16Stone 17Stone 18Stone 19


Wood 4Wood 5Wood 6Wood 7Wood 8Wood 9Wood 10Wood 12Wood 13Wood 14Wood 15Wood 16Wood 17Wood 18Wood 19Wood 20


light rice in glass design coloured splashbackWhite Painted Glass Splashback. In Glass DesignEvergreen. Painted Glass Splashback. In Glass Design.Wilderness. Painted Glass Splashback. In Glass Design.Sea Whisper. Painted Glass Splashback. In Glass Design.Ocean Storm Painted Splashback. In Glass DesignRed Dawn Painted Glass Splashback. In Glass Design.River Bed Painted Splashback. In Glass Design.Deer Skin Coloured Splashback. In Glass Design.Greystone Coloured Splashback. In Glass DesignBlackbird Coloured Splashback. In Glass DesignAspin Grey Coloured Splashback. In Glass Design

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